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习语 count me in 的意思是 “我也算进去”, “让我也参加”, “我也要”, 。。。 count on me 的意思是 “靠我”, “依赖我”。 count me on 我倒没听过,即使有这个用法,也是非常规的。 下面举些 count me in 和 count on me 的例句: 1. Are you g...

count me in_翻译 count me in 算上我; 把我算在内; 算我一个; 算我一份; [例句]Please count me in on this project. 请把我也算入这项计划的参加者。

count me in是算上我 count me on,是,你可以指望我,依靠我

Can you count with me? 你能和我一起数数吗?

count me in 不能单独看待 in 的用法 count。。in是介词短语 介词短语在句中的作用 和动词谓语是一样的 即是count和in一起做谓语

can you count with me的中文翻译 你可以指望我

"Count Me In" Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh If I'm the sun then you're the moon If you're the words then I'm the tune Yeah If you're the heart then I'm the beat Somehow together we're complete Yeah There are times my world is crumbli...

歌曲名:Count Me In 歌手:Jools Holland And Ruby Turner 专辑:Jools Holland - More Friends - Small World Big Band Volume Two Framing Hanley - Count Me In Crying alone, there's a fragile life You can paint the picture pretty But th...


歌曲名:Dear Maria, Count Me In 歌手:All Time Low 专辑:Dear Maria, Count Me In All Time Low - Dear Maria, Count Me In by鲍鱼 I got your picture I'm coming with you Dear Maria, count me in There's a story at the bottom of this bo...

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