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could have done 是虚拟语气 表示某人(在过去)本可以做某些事,(事实上)没做... could be doing 表猜测 猜测某人有可能正在做什么

Much can be done. Scientists could "adopt" middleMuch can be done. Scientists could "adopt" middle school classes and present their own research.可以做很多事。科学家可以“领养”middlemuch可以做。科学家可以“采纳”中学课程,并提出自...

该做的都做了 满意请采纳

1. Everything can be done if you set your mind to do it . 2. The mission was done already. 3. He told me an amazing story yesterday that how the mysterious mission could be done and that's the very part that i really wanted to ...


could这里是情态动词,表示可能性(但可能性不是象can的那种可能性大) 我告诉过你,那件事也许会做好。

1 should have done 是含有虚拟条件句的 主句是第一人称时,并且是与过去相反的假设。 如: If I had met her yesterda, I should (=would) have told her about the news. should have done“本应该做”,含有“责备”之意。 You should have come ...

1.A be committed to doing,致力于。。 2.A accept vi/vt,不能接受这个想法。 3.A until 直到。。。 4.D forgive me 原谅我,表示歉意 5.D...

The first thing that should be done is to get the tickets.When people ...He spoke in such easy English as everybody could understand.At this time ...

当有工作需要我们去完成时,我们必须去做,有可能是早上,也有可能是在晚上。 就是这个意思

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